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Thank you D'IYANU for allowing me to empower my children with their culture.

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This item is amazing and looks phenomenal on me. I’ve been getting so much attention and so many compliments. Diyanu delivered my shirt very quickly. The team has amazing, superb customer service. I look forward to making my next purchase very soon.

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Perfect fit, quality material and vibrant colors. I can not wait to wear it to a special event. Matches perfectly with my Husband's Tux. I'm am thoroughly surprised and satisfied with my purchase. I'm back on here to order more! also came in a timely fashion.

Fabrics Used at D'IYANU

Posted by Brittney Cherry on

Fabrics Used at D'IYANU

We receive tons of questions on our brand and how we create our African print designs, where we get our African prints from and what kind of African print fabrics we use. Although we try to answer every question, as soon as possible, we wanted to create this blog to give insight on the fabrics we use to create our bold and unique garments.

Ankara Fabric

Most of our clothes are made out of Ankara fabric, which is 100% cotton. Ankara is known for its bold and vibrant and colorful patterns. Ankara fabric has been used for West African traditional clothing for over a century. In the past, the traditional clothes were not very fashionable and somewhat boring. We decided to modernize the use of ankara fabric by designing modern and trendy looks. According to “All things Ankara”, to create Ankara, a wax-resist dyeing technique is used to create the patterns.  Ankara is used in our designs, because it speaks of Africa’s richness, boldness and its tribal-like patterns. We have created: blazers, jackets, t-shirts, skirts, blouses, purses, accessories, all while using Ankara fabric.

Ankara African Print Fabric

Explore our Ankara fabric products from our African print dresses in our Women’s Collection, to our African print button up shirts in our Men’s Collection and or African print skirts and t-shirts from our Kid’s Collection.

Onna Fabric

We’re always exploring the possibilities of African prints and how we can create signature looks for our brand. Our latest innovation is our Onna Stretch Fabric, which is a customized African print on polyester and spandex material. We created the Onna stretch fabric, because we didn’t see a market of African print clothing that stretched and fit the curves just right. From our Onna African Print Stretch Collection, we have created African print gowns, African print pencil dresses, and African print pencil skirts. With our Onna fabric, we are looking to create even more wonderful styles, so stay tuned.

Onna African Print Fabric

To learn more, read our blog on our fabulous Onna African Print Stretch Clothing Collection and shop our bold African print dresses and African print skirts from our Onna Collection.

Spandex and Nylon

We literally dive into the summer with African print swimwear, just so our customers are able to express their cultural pride even at pool! For our swimwear collection, we use Spandex for our women’s swimsuits and Nylon for our men’s swim trunks. These fabrics helps us create one of a kind swimwear looks.

spandex and nylon african print fabrics

Stay stylish while sitting poolside with our African print Swimwear Collection! Our exciting prints are a great addition to your next trip.

Chiffon and Satin

No matter the occasion, we want to be part of it with you! This is why we’ve expanded our designs using Chiffon and Satin for African print kimonos, African print shirts, African prints skirts and African print neckties and bowties. These fabrics make our bold prints flow with the wind and shine amongst the crowd.

Chiffon African Print Fabric​ Satin African Print Fabric

Add our fun African print Chiffon and Satin garments to your wardrobe. Stay trendy with our latest styles in these fabrics.

We’re always innovating new looks and exploring new designs at D’IYANU! We can’t wait to share more styles with you soon.

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  • I purchased a dress and very pleased with it. I also purchased a Jumpsuit and misjudged the size and had to return it. I will be purchasing items again.

    Mary H on

  • Bought a skirt in the Onna fabric and love the fit. I’m quite pleased with it, so I’ll be purchasing more items.

    Pamela Oconnor on

  • I like the stretch fabric, and I like the midi dresses/skirts. (Age appropriate for me)

    Pat Whitaker on

  • I like the spandex best!

    Cree Fenwick on

  • On a fabric is great for us plus size ladies. Most size 3X are sold out unfortunately.

    Cleonia Abron on

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