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Accessorizing with African Print 101

African print accessories are a great and fashionable way to celebrate your culture. No matter what type of fashionista you are, there are many options for how you can accessorize with African print.

Neutrals are always a great option to pair with bold statement making accessories. Whether it’s black, white, tan, or gray all of these colors make great options to be the backdrop of a lovely African print.

Or if you want to stay away from pairing with neutrals, you have a couple of other options! For example, when accessorizing with African print, pay attention to the colors in the print. You can pull out colors from the print you are accessorizing with and pair with that color. For example, if the African print statement necklace you want to wear has small amounts of yellow in it wear it with a yellow blouse or sundress.   

Need outfit ideas? Below we highlight a couple of ways to accessorize with our African print accessories.

African Print Choker Necklace

african print choker

Chokers have certainly made a comeback recently! Make the trend your own with our African print choker necklaces. Our African print choker necklace matches our African print maxi dress perfectly! Designed from the same exact fabric, if you are the type of fashionista that loves to have everything match this is the combo for you! A bold take on being matchy matchy.

African Print Head Scarf

We also offer scarves that can do double duty as a head scarf or infinity scarf. Our African headwrap comes in a bold African print. This beautiful Yellow African print head wrap adds a statement piece around your neck or head. This color would pair well with a gray or orange blouse!  

Jamila Jet Black Body Chain Necklace

It’s time for swimsuit season! Accessorize your swimsuit with a gorgeous body chain necklace. Our Jamila Jet Black Body Chain Necklace is the perfect addition to your beach look. The versatile design will match all different types of swimsuits. Complete your beach look with one of these body chains!

Esi Fringe Chain Necklace

Our Esi Fringe Chain Necklace is the perfect African statement necklace for all types of fashionistas! This chain necklace is so versatile! Wear it at the beach for a summer look, or for a year-long look, rock this statement necklace with a dress or blouse.  However, you rock this necklace you’ll be sure to get compliments.

We hope this blog helped serve as outfit inspiration for African print accessories and how they can fit your style. Whether you already have a closet full of African print or if you are getting your first African print accessory, there’s something for every closet and fashionista. See for yourself and shop our full selection of accessories here.

Top 5 Mommy and Me Sets for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it! This Mother’s Day we recommend stocking up on our mommy and me sets from our African print Family Collection. Because at D’IYANU we use the same fabric for a variety of styles, there are many different types of mommy and me sets you can create to fit your family and your style. These mommy and me sets are perfectly designed for the mom who loves fashion and matching her little ones. See our top choices for Mother’s Day below and treat yourself by ordering one for Mother’s Day today!

Chic African Print Maxi Skirt

The perfect choice for the mom with little girls of all ages. These mommy and me skirts come in a vibrant purple and pink circle print sure to receive compliments. This African print maxi skirt offers a flattering shape and is versatile for a day or night look.

Match 2 Ways with Onesie or Skirt

Meanwhile, for the little ones, the same vibrant African print is available for both a onesie for toddlers and little girls sizing for skirts up to size 9/10. So you can match your little one no matter their age or size.

Amsa African Print Midi Skirt

Our popular Amsa African print midi skirt is flattering and offers free flowing for a comfy feel. Plus the Amsa style skirt offers a versatile look for either day or night. The print is a colorful combination of gold and royal blue block pattern.

Match 2 Ways with Skirt or Bow Tie

Your little one will love the print too with our Abina African print skirt! These mommy and me skirts match perfectly with the style of the skirt and the fabric of the skirt. Or if you have a little boy, match with this adorable little African print bow tie. Sizes for this bow tie range from infant, youth and even adult. So the whole family can match! What an adorable Instagram worthy look!

Nenna African Print Maxi Dress

Perfect for the upcoming warmer summer weather! Our Nenna African print maxi dress comes in a lovely purple and white pattern that highlights a flattering halter top silhouette. The fit is flowy and comfortable, and is great for a day out on the town or for vacation!


Have mom look like a queen...and have her princess match with this little girl’s matching Anike African print dress. These mommy and me dresses would be perfect for a family reunion or family photos!

Efe African Print Pencil Midi Skirt

Or maybe a pencil skirt is more your style...don’t worry we have ways to match your little ones with these trendy and form fitting style. Many women love pencil skirts because of the flattering silhouette they offer and how versatile they are for day or night looks. This Efe African print pencil midi skirt offers a vibrant print of colorful aqua circles. Perfect for the office or a special event!

Match 2 Ways with Skirt or Bow Tie

The whole family can match with this vibrant print! This adorable Abina African print skirt will be the perfect way your little princess can match you. The aqua circles print is also available as an African print bow tie. Sizes for this bow tie range from infant to adult, so all the men in your family can rock this look!

Amara Women’s Dashiki T-Shirt

Or maybe you are looking for a casual, everyday look! Our dashiki t-shirts for women are perfect for a casual look that celebrates your culture. The black t-shirt is flattering and comfy and looks great with jeans, for an easy yet fashionable look.

Match the Whole Family

Matching the whole family is easy with our Dashiki T-Shirt Collection! Find a dashiki print shirt for everyone in your family with our men’s dashiki shirts and kid’s dashiki t-shirts. Perfect for your next family event!

Make Mother’s Day special by giving her outfits to match her kids! Be sure to check out our full Family Collection for more inspiration for mommy and me sets. Have questions about sizing or our mommy and me sets? Contact us today!

What is a Dashiki: Dashiki History Lesson

Dashikis have gained popularity on the fashion scene and among celebrities in the past couple of years. While the print shown above is an Angelina print, this print has been so closely linked to Dashikis that many people have started to refer to this particular print as a Dashiki. The Angelina print was created by a Viisco textile designer named Toon van de Manakker and is based upon the 19th century Ethiopian noblewoman's tunic. This particular style of print is extremely popular in West Africa, particularly in countries such as Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, and Togo.  

Nowadays, you can see this colorful African design on anyone from your friends to Beyoncé. So where exactly does this traditional African clothing staple originate from and what made it so popular? Below we highlight the cultural roots and timeline of the dashiki.

Yoruba Culture

The dashiki can trace its roots back to Yoruba language and culture. In fact, the word dashiki comes from the Yoruba word “danshiki” meaning a short sleeved work shirt typically worn by men in West Africa.

So how far back does the dashiki design date back? Tunics similar in design to the modern dashiki were uncovered in Mali burial mounds dating back to the 12th - 13th century.

Also in the Yoruba culture, certain colors of dashikis were made to represent different emotions and events. For example, traditionally white dashikis were worn by grooms on their wedding day. Sometimes couples, opt to wear purple instead for their wedding day since purple is the color of African royalty. Blue is known as the color of love, peace, and harmony, so sometimes blue dashikis are worn for weddings as well.

Western Market in the 1960’s

The dashiki emerged in the US market during the late 1960s as a symbolism for Black American Afrocentric identity. As this fashion blogs point out, the dashiki found its place in the 1960’s among the black pride and white countercultural movement.

Following a surge of cultural pride in 1964 with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the dashiki found it’s place celebrating Afrocentric clothing.

Worn as a sign of black pride, the dashiki showed unity among the black community. Also, the dashiki was worn among Hippies who supported the movement.

Present Day

Fast forward to today, where both men and women can be seen all over the world, draped in various forms of the dashiki print. There has even been a transfer of representation because it migrated from mostly men rocking the print, to women being at the forefront of pioneering the dashiki presence.

Everyone is familiar with seeing the smock-type version of the dashiki, but now the word refers to more than just a garment; it is also a print style, meaning there are now more ways than ever to show pride in your African culture.

The dashiki is sold in its original loose fitting shirt forms still to this day. However, now there are many different types of dashiki styles so that you can find the perfect dashiki to fit your fashion sense.

For example, at D’IYANU we offer African fashion ranging from traditional Dashiki shirts for adults and kids to gorgeous skirts, dresses, tops, and much more. We offer a Dashiki t-shirt collection and a Dashiki sweatshirt collection which are a fresh and modern twist on the traditional Dashiki shirt for the entire family . Ladies along with little girls can also make a statement in our bold printed dashiki skirts. Or if you are looking for a more subtle addition of African print, we offer beautiful infinity scarves.

As you can see, the Dashiki has evolved so much from its Yoruba male working shirt roots, from a cultural statement, to a fashionable celebration of African roots for both men and women. 

Congratulations to the Winner of the D'IYANU Talent Challenge!

D'IYANU recently held the D'IYANU Talent Challenge where contestants could upload a video showing off their talent with the world of social media while rocking their D'IYANU outfit.  We’re proud to announce that the winner of the contest is Akesha Carter! Congratulations!

Akesha viewed the D'IYANU Talent Challenge as a great opportunity to share her gift with the world—singing. Inspired by her love for God and singing since she was 3 years old, Akesha beautifully sang her favorite hymn, "Great is Thy Faithfulness". She can SANG!

For the challenge, Akesha rocked our Blue and Pink Dashiki Maxi Skirt. When asked what inspired her to shop at D'IYANU, Akesha proclaimed "I LOVE wearing skirts, but the bold ethnic prints of the Mommy and Me sets inspired me the most!" 

We thought it fitting to mention her daughter, A'Marie Kathryn, who also was among the talented entrants who made this a fun challenge!  A'Marie, showed off her tap dancing skills and captivated us with her dazzling smile during her dance routine. She wore the Blue and Pink Abina Skirt for little girls which wonderfully matched her mom’s maxi skirt. 

Two words to describe Akesha's video - Beautiful and Inspirational! Check out both videos, leave your comments and share it on Facebook!