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Cancel Black History Month

“There shouldn’t be a black history month”. Those were the shocking words of actress Stacy Dash during a recent interview.  As a Nigerian who grew up in the U.S, I couldn’t disagree more. Black history month is a vital month that allows us to highlight the outstanding achievements of black Americans, pay tribute to the exceptional men and women who paved the way for our current liberties, and celebrate our black heritage.

Growing up in the American school system, I was taught American history which conveniently neglected black Americans. Aside from the “honorable” mention of blacks during slavery, American history did not include the contributions of black Americans who helped shape the America we all know today. If it were not for Black History month, the achievements of black leaders, writes, artists, and inventors would be overlooked. We may not have known of the gifted literary writer Langston Hughes, the great educator Booker T Washington, the brave humanitarian, Harriet Tubman, the brilliant orator and statesman Frederick Douglass, the self-made millionaire entrepreneur Madam C.J Walker, the first traffic light inventor, Garrett Morgan, and many others.

Paying tribute to these great black figures is an important aspect of black history month as well. We must never forget or take for granted the incredible role these leaders played so we may enjoy the opportunities currently available to us today. These opportunities include the freedom to vote, attend any college, purchase a home, run for political office, open a business, and ultimately partake in the American dream. Granted, there are still improvements to be made, but we can acknowledge the progress already achieved.

Celebrating our heritage while reconnecting to our African roots is another key part of Black History month. We should take the time to learn more about our roots and culture so we have a better sense of identity. One of the ways we can celebrate is by expressing ourselves through clothing. The D’IYANU clothing line was born out of the desire to create modern African inspired fashion that could be worn daily for those seeking to express themselves in a unique way.

In spite of Stacy Dash’s ignorant comment, Black History month should NOT be canceled- clearly! We will continue celebrating and acknowledging our amazing leaders that paved the way for us. To these men and women and many more whose name may never get public applause, we say thank you!

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Creating African Print Squad Goals with the Men in Your Life

We already know that many of you ladies are on point with creating stylish outfits with your skirts and dresses. But what about when you are attending an event with the special guy(s) in your life and want to look good as a unit? As you may already know, bow ties are currently a hot item for men, and add a hint of class to their outfit! Our new collection of bow ties for men and boys are great accessories to match your skirts and dresses. You will subtly match, but everyone will know that you came as a unit. #diyanusquadgoals 

Abeo Bow Tie (Blue/Brown) with Blue/Brown Dashiki Maxi Skirt

Abeo Bow Tie (Red/Green) with Red Dashiki Maxi Skirt or Red Amaka Dashiki Dress 

Abeo Bow Tie (Pink) with Pink Dashiki Maxi Skirt

Abeo Bow Tie (Black) with Black Maxi or Black Blazer/Pants 


Abeo Bowtie (Black/Orange) with Black/Orange Meni HIghwaist Skirt 

How to Style Your African Print Maxi Skirt for the Fall

African print maxi skirts don't only have to be a spring and summer staple item. They can be worn just as flawlessly in the fall. When the temperature drops, tights can be worn under them with your favorite boots or booties. If you’re looking to make a statement, yet still look classic, maxis are the way to go. It's so easy to mix and match sweaters, cardigans, and jackets with our maxi skirts for warmer, eye-catching styles. Here are a few of our style ideas! 




Our Blue/Yellow/White Maxi is shown here paired with a denim top and mustard yellow cardigan which are perfect fall colors. Add a stylish navy belt to cinch the waistline, statement necklace, brown bag, and navy booties to complete the look. 


What better colors to pair with the Green/Maroon/Blue Maxi than reds and browns? Brown booties with a maroon colored sweater, chunky jewelry, and clutch will keep you cute, yet warm. 





The Pink/Brown/Green Maxi gives the warmth of fall with a pop of pink, so why not add an off white chic sweater to bring it all together? An off the shoulder sweater paired with a bold necklace, brown booties, and our new Lewa African Print Clutch Bag will make you quite noticeable. 




Let your edgy side show with our Red Dashiki Maxi. Stand out with black leather and gold accented accessories and jewelry. Your skirt won't be the only show-stopper in this outfit. You'll be fierce from head to toe. 

Which style would you rock or how would you style your maxi skirt? We would love to hear your ideas in the comment section below!