6 Ways To Celebrate the Leading Ladies in Our Lives

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and although the title suggests that the day is specifically about mothers, might we remind you that it is a day of celebration for ALL mothers, guardians, and mother figures alike. There is much to be said about the connection that is had between a mother (or caregiver) and child. From the way a mother listens to the way she wipes away tears when either the heart or body are hurt. We want to celebrate the leading lady in our lives by showing appreciation with some mother’s day ideas.  

#1 Celebrate From A Distance

For the mothers that don’t live in the same place as you, virtual celebrations work just as well. May we suggest sending her favorite foods, flowers, or even products to her doorstep. For extra bonus points, send her something customized or products from a small Black owned business. We have an array of wonderful items that could suit the mother in your life well.  

#2 Create Memories Over A Meal

For the mothers that live in the same city or place as you, make reservations at a local restaurant that has great reviews. Spoiling her with a nice wine and dine experience will certainly put a smile on her face. Bring her favorite flowers, if she is into that, and a lovely keepsake that comes straight from your heart.  


#3 Help Her Plan A Solo Date

For moms who insist on having a day to themselves without any and all responsibility, send her to a theater for a lovely dance performance or play. More than likely, there will always be a production at the local playhouse and if she likes the performing arts, you will be winning at this mother’s day game. You can also opt to have a customized menu at her favorite restaurant or setting her up with her manicurist for a mani and pedi day.  

#4 Give The Gift Of Thoughtfulness

Now, mother’s day is not all about gifts and spoiling. It is about celebrating the humans that either gave us life and/or sustained our lives. A thoughtful way to do this can include a well put together picture book for the memories shared over the years. Or perhaps a letter that is heartfelt and includes ways in which you love her. Another really simple yet thoughtful way is to share dialogue via phone or in person around why you are grateful for her. The thing that she may want the most may not have a material value associated. Keep that in mind when deciding what to do for her.  

#5 Moms Can Celebrate Themselves Too!

If you are a mother yourself and are looking for ways to celebrate you, consider treating yourself to brunch or, if you want to go the extra mile (both literally and figuratively), book a solo trip for the weekend. Now this trip can be local like a staycation or skip over to the nearest cool town where you can indulge in the eats and arts. Deciding to spend the day solo doesn’t mean you don’t want to be around your loved ones but it can simply mean prioritizing your own self care and preservation.  

#6 Enjoying The Day While Not Focusing On The Holiday

Everyone may not be keen on celebrating this day so we wanted to make sure that those of us who opt out feel honored as well. On this day, give yourself the permission to do whatever you please. The holiday falls on a Sunday and Sundays typically mean bomb farmer’s markets, community, and chill vibes. Check out your local marketplaces and pick up the best produce, local handmade crafts from the artisans, and enjoy a nice glass of rosé. If that's not your thing, slide on over to see a film or pop by to view the latest art exhibitions at the local Black owned gallery. Sundays are made for relaxing and preparing for your week ahead and you get to experience it just in that way.  

Whether you decide to spend time with mom or loved mother figure or simply by yourself, there are plenty of options. Taking the time to be in celebration looks different for everyone and there is no wrong choice. May we encourage you to remember that this is another day of celebration to uplift the women in our lives… even if it is yourself. You, too, deserve it all.  

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