African Print Styles for Your Body Type

No matter what kind of body type you have, our line of African print dress, skirts, shorts, and pants are not only bright and bold but flattering. There are many body types women might have, and all of them are beautiful in their unique way! Learn what body type you have and how you can rock African prints.  

African Print Styles for Apple Body Shape

african print shorts

An apple body shape means that you have a bust larger than your hip sections, round shoulders, undefined waist, small hips, slim legs, and arms.

For this body type, there are many types of clothes that look good on the apple body shape. Some styles that look especially good on this body type include short dresses, high waisted shorts, flowy dresses and tops that fall lower than the hip bone. Rock African print with our new Makena shorts. These shorts offer a flattering and slimming shape to your waist.

African Print Styles for Pear Body Shape

African tank top

A pear shape is another popular body type. Having a pear body type, also known as a triangle shape, means that you have large hips and a smaller bust.

When picking out clothing for pear body types,consider clothing that will help bring balance to the top half of your body. Flatter your body type with clothing that features scoop-necks and boat-neck tops. Accentuate your top half with our new Ginika African Tank Top. This tank top offers a flattering scoop neck that will look great on those with a pear body type.

African Print Styles for Hourglass Body Shape

african print dress mesi

An hourglass body type features naturally round buttocks. Like an hourglass, the upper half is proportional to the top half, meaning your legs and upper body is proportional. Another feature related to the hourglass figure is the well-defined waist.

Flaunt your small waist by wearing the right clothing for your body type. Consider wearing belts over shirts or dresses and fitted jackets to accentuate your fitted waist. Add a belt over our Mesi African print dress, and you can rock colorful print while featuring your slim waist.

African Print Styles for Oval Body Shape

dashiki midi skirt naya

A major sign that you have an oval body shape is that your bust is larger than the rest of your body. Women with round body types also have narrow hips and a fuller looking midsection. Oval body types also have a flatter buttocks and slender legs.

Styles that look especially good on oval body types include belted dresses and tops, empire waisted dresses, and skirts that fall just above the knee to add a more proportioned look. Get a perfectly proportioned look for your body type with our Naya African print midi skirt.

African Print Styles for Diamond Body Shape

african print dress ruffled

The diamond body shape is similar to the oval body shape, because both of them involve full midsections. The main difference between these two body types is that Diamond body types have fuller upper legs. Also, a Diamond body shape features broader hips and a more narrow bust.

Diamond body shapes are known for having great lower legs. Show them off by wearing A-line skirts that fall right above the knee. Show off your legs with our Cerena African print dress.

Every fashionista can add African print to their wardrobe! Find the perfect addition to your wardrobe for your body type with our full selection of African print new arrivals.

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