Black History Month 2022

Celebrating Black History & Influence Through Fashion

Celebrating culture is at the very core of D’iyanu’s DNA as a brand. The rich and complex African American culture with its diverse roots continues to be a strong force in every aspect of our lives, not just fashion. We commemorate this expansive influence year round, but with Black History Month we take it a step further because this time of acknowledgment has continued to evolve since its inception to represent so much more.

D'iyanu Black History Month Collection

Our new Black History Month Collection highlights the dynamic nature of Black culture through bold prints, elevated style, tailored fits, and an overall sense of pride. Our exclusive prints were inspired by rich traditional prints including the Malian mudcloth print (blue navy mudcloth), Ghanian kente (black red kente), and Nigerian adire (brown black adire). 

We’re excited to share our modern take for the multi-faceted D'iyanu woman with beautiful dresses that can be styled for a night out or casually accessorized for a chill lunch with friends. The D’iyanu man will feel confident in our perfectly fitted blazer for a distinguished look or a relaxed vibe with our new tribe hoodie. We have something for everyone in this new offering! Here’s a look at some of our favorite pieces from our latest collection. 

Rehema & Afua African Print Maxi Dresses

D'iyanu Womens Afua Dress

If you are looking for a beautiful dress that is as elegant as it is regal, our African Print Maxi Dresses are an excellent option. This isn’t your average maxi. No. Our Rehema and Afua dresses are dramatic, flowy, and made with 100% Cotton Ankara fabric, which is a traditional double printed fabric typically used in West Africa. This ensures that your dress will stand the test of time. The Afua dress is available in multiple prints. You can pick from blue designs to Earth tones or even don the ultimate vision of regality with our purple mandala. No matter which you choose, you are bound to attract tons of attention while representing your culture in style. 

Talia African Print Stretch Pants

D'iyanu Womens Farjana Blazer Talia Stretch Woven Pants

On the other hand, if you prefer to keep your fashion more casual, our Talia African Print Stretch Pants are sure to please. Available in XS to 3X, these pants are made in our exclusive stretch woven fabric, which look great on women of all sizes. Sleek and slim-fitting, these pants can be dressed up with a heel and blazer or dressed down with some sneakers and a tee. The way you choose to rock them is up to you. But one thing we know for sure, you will undoubtedly be comfortable and one of the most well-dressed women in the room!

Farjana African Print Blazer and Abebe African Print Stretch Wide Leg Pants

D'iyanu Womens Abebe Print Stretch Woven Wide Leg Pants Blue Navy Mudcloth

Whether it's for work or play, a good blazer can be the perfect accent for any trendy outfit. Available in several patterns in our exclusive stretch woven fabric, our Farjana blazers are comfortable and durable to boot. Pair them with our Abebe Wide Leg Pants or with your favorite denim skirt or blue jeans. This blazer is versatile and can provide an effortless pop of color to an otherwise lackluster ensemble. 

If you like your African fashion with a side of flare, our Abebe wide leg stretch pants are the ones to watch. Loose-fitting and stretchy, these pants do a great job of tying style to comfort in a trendy and fashion-forward way. Throw these on with your favorite stiletto, or pair them with your slide of choice. The wide leg pants give you plenty of options to show off your sense of style and be the show-stopper that you are.

Kimiya African Print Maxi Skirt

D'iyanu Womens Kimiya African Print Faux Wrap Skirt Purple Mandala

If maxi skirts are more your speed, our Kimiya African Print Faux Wrap Skirt may be the best option for you. Flowy and flirty, this skirt allows you to show your sensual side without being overtly sexy. One of the best things about the style and fit of this skirt is that it pairs perfectly with a heel, flat, or tennis shoe. Talk about versatility! This skirt is likely to become a main staple in your wardrobe rotation. 

Ireti and Obasi African Print Button-Up Shirts

D'iyanu Mens Ireti Traditional Top

D'iyanu Obasi African Print Color-Blocked Button-Up Shirt Purple Mandala

When you’re looking for pieces to suit a more masculine sense of style, the Ireti and Obasi African Button-Up Shirts are a good option. Somewhat form-fitting, this style of shirt has just enough stretch to ensure it fits each person's unique build perfectly. Pair this with jeans or your favorite dress pants, and enjoy an African-themed night on the town. 

Enofe African Print Blazer

D'iyanu Mens Enofe Blazer Blue Navy Mudcloth

Great for events and date nights, the Enofe African Print Color-Blocked Blazer for men is the perfect piece to complement a his and hers-themed evening. Color coordinate it with your own accessories or match the print with her skirt or blazer for a picture-perfect evening. This blazer is made for you if you’re ready to be one of the best dressed men in the room. 

Ibrahim African Print Traditional Tops

D'iyanu Mens Ibrahim African Print Traditional Shirt

For our more casual and low-key gentlemen, the Ibrahim African Print Traditional Top may be more your speed. A simple, understated shirt, this top can be worn with slacks, jeans, shorts, and anything in between. 

Karim Embroidered Traditional Top

D'iyanu Mens Karim Embroidered Traditional Top Gold Embroidery

If you prefer more traditional African garb, the Karim Embroidered Traditional Top will be right up your alley. Styled in a way that is more traditionally African, this top is the perfect piece to wear to African celebrations and other culturally-themed events. 

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D'iyanu African Print Black History Month Collection

Overall, Black History Month is a significant time to show your cultural pride. However, this doesn't mean that this is the only time to do it. Our Black History Month Collection is filled with powerful, beautifully-crafted pieces that look great on any day. Our collection has everything you need to take your wardrobe to the next level with something for everyone and every occasion. So grab a few of your favorite pieces today and represent your community in style! 


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