Black History Month Collection | Lookbook

Our Black History Month Collection is a celebration of Black/African culture. When designing it, we researched the vast traditions and customs that span over centuries. The result was a bold blend of exclusive prints inspired by dynamic traditional prints including the Nigerian adire (brown black adire), Ghanian kente (black red kente), and Malian mudcloth print (blue navy mudcloth).

This is a beautiful way to reconnect and find your way back within contemporary fashions. Keep scrolling to view our lookbook.
D'IYANU Black History Month CollectionD'IYANU Womens Kimiya Skirt Rehema Maxi Dress Mens Obasi Long Sleeve Shirt
D'IYANU Womens Farjana Blazer Abebe Wide Leg Pants Afua Dress Mens Enofe Blazer
D'IAYNU Womens Afua Dress Mens Ibrahim Traditional Shirt

Farjana African Print Stretch Woven Blazer (Blue Navy Mudcloth)
Abebe African Print Stretch Wide Leg Pants (Blue Navy Mudcloth)
Ibrahim African Print Traditional Shirt (Blue Navy Mudcloth)
Enofe African Print Color-Blocked Blazer (Blue Navy Mudcloth)
Afua African Print High-Low Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress (Blue Navy Mudcloth)

You may view all of the products in the Black History Month Collection by clicking here.

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