D'IYANU Highlighted By CBS Philly For Black Business Month

D'IYANU Founder, Addie Elabor was interviewed by CBS Philly's Janelle Burrell to share the story of taking a leap of faith to pursue a passion - creating a brand to highlight culture. Click above to watch the video and check out the full article here.


CONGRATULATIONS, My Dear! BIG UP!! I for one, LOVE your clothing. Stay Blessed! ♥️

Teresa October 04, 2022

This CBS highlight is awesome! Congratulations! I love your prints and clothing. And one thing that was shown but not mentioned is that you model your clothing on people of all sizes. I appreciate that. :)

Cathy Beuten October 04, 2022

I love all of the clothes I bought! I will continue to buy from Diyanu.

Great interview!

Keep up the great work. I’m so proud to see another black owned business doing great. You have my support.

Cherry October 04, 2022

Excellent Interview! Beautiful story on her inspiration for the D’IYANU brand!

H. Joy October 04, 2022

I really enjoyed the segment. Good for you, young lady!

Linda Hayes October 04, 2022

Congratulations and continued success!

Deborah Giles October 04, 2022

Yes. Well deserved recognition and acknowledgement.

Isaac Porter October 04, 2022

Amazing, vibrant colors and patterns. I ordered a swimsuit some years ago and it travels with me on my cruises and vacations.

Shirley October 04, 2022

Congratulations! The recognition is so well deserved. I really take pride in wearing clothing by D’IYANU. The look, quality, and fit is everything!

Deresa Simmons October 04, 2022

Congratulations! Black excellence will always be honored. I am a first time buyer and I am very happy with my 1st piece, rest assured it will not be my last. Blessings!

Dionne October 04, 2022

Beautiful and blessed. A brilliant mind put to work!

Gloria Molake October 04, 2022

Congratulations on your success!! I ordered the blue/white romper, and I absolutely love it!! I’ll be ordering another one soon.

Priscilla October 04, 2022

Congratulations on a wonderful interview and success of the D’IYANU brand. I love the colors and prints as well. I applaud your drive and determination to see your vision thorough. I could have a closet full of your beautiful designs, but I must pace myself. I look forward to seeing more of what D’IYANU has to offer. Many blessings foreword,

Jacqueline Melton October 04, 2022

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