D'IYANU Gives Back 2019

Well before D’IYANU was founded, CEO Addie Elabor yearned to live a fruitful and impactful life by giving back to her community. As a Nigerian born American, she recognizes her move to the US as being a blessing. Thankful for the experiences that’s led to her success, Addie strives to inspire others with her positive influence and clothing line, D’IYANU.

In line with D’IYANU’s core value of giving back, the company recently launched an initiative to give $4000 quarterly to one or two organizations making a positive impact in their community. Through charitable efforts, the fashion brand plans to grant opportunities that may not have been otherwise afforded to disadvantaged men, women and youth. Ultimately, their desire is to see their community rise.

The selection process to find impactful community-based non-profits, heavily involved their customers. They were contacted for their valued suggestions and D'IYANU thanks them for their helping hand. After deep consideration, this quarter, D'IYANU will sponsor the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia and The Women’s Safe House.

Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia’s impact in the lives of children spans 132 years, since its commencement in 1887. The franchise’s mission centers around inclusion--providing equal opportunities to children of all races, gender, ages, sexual orientation, religion and class. Success is guaranteed for every young person that graces their facility. D'IYANU wholeheartedly support the non-profit's commitment to see young people excel as productive, caring, and responsible citizens. D’IYANU's core values align with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia. The donation will be allocated to their many youth programs.

The Women's Safe House

The Women’s Safe House’s objective is to “provide safe shelter and transitional living services to battered women and their dependent children.” We admire their determination to educate and empower women about their choices for the future. Since 1977, the facility has served as a haven for women and families in danger and fleeing domestic violence. The 501( c ) (3) non-profit organization is open 24-7, with the capability to house 400-600 women and children annually. D'IYANU is elated to donate to such an important cause.

Learn more about the Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia and The Women’s Safe House below.

Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia

The Women's Safe House


Many thanks and congrats to you! So happy to bare witness to the positive impact that you have on our society!

K Lockett August 17, 2019

Awesome! That blessing will be

Samuel Brown August 17, 2019

You have chosen right in giving back. God blessing on your business. Love you

Remi August 08, 2019

This is awesome! I love the mission of the charities selected! May God lead you and your team to grow greater and give beyond measure!

Jammie August 08, 2019

Thanks for giving back to your home land may the Lord Jesus continue left your business higher and higher . I also give back to my home land Haiti. Back to school supplies and go with the Medical Team give care to unfortunate. God bless.

Jean Marshall Vaval August 07, 2019

D’IYANU, a strong witness “to let your light so shine” for hope, compassion, and confidence, blessings!

Wilma August 07, 2019

As a Philadelphia native, I commend you for inspiring the next generations! Keep it up!

Chris Tatayon August 06, 2019

Lupus Alliance Queens/Long Island. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that is crippling women and children . There is no cure. The monies donate go to research for better meds and buys clothing and provides outtings for children living with Lupus. Thank you.

Pamela Greene August 06, 2019

You are a blessing to many, may others follow your path for brighter tomorrows to those that are in need. You realize the art of giving is so much larger than receiving. This is why I will always purchase your merchandise. Thank you , Linda S.

Linda Stansbury August 06, 2019

Thank you for your generosity and always thinking of others. So happy to support a charitable business!! Thank you!

Samantha Potts August 06, 2019

Glad to see D’IYANU sew into the community. We need more organizations to follow suit. God will replenish you abundantly!! 😎💪🏾🙏🏾

Chi August 06, 2019

Thank you 😊 for giving back!
Another great non-profit is Reach Shiratii which is a small Village in Tanzania. I have volunteered and visited this beautiful village. I Love the work Reach Shirati continues to give back and Blessings provided by the selfless volunteers.

Pele August 06, 2019

Great choice.

James August 06, 2019

It would be nice to see you give to the National Multiple Sclerosis Association. I was diagnosed about 16 years ago. Thank you for your input.

Charlette Booker August 06, 2019

That’s awesome! It’s important to give back.

Inger Bostick August 06, 2019

Excellent choice. Thank you for leading the way and being a great inspiration to others.

Sade August 06, 2019

Great choices!

Cathryn August 06, 2019

Awesome programs to give back to! Hooray Team D’IYANU 🙌🏾

Shanel August 06, 2019

I too as a Nigerian born American am inspired by your entrepreneurial passion and success but even more inspired by your charitable spirit. The organizations you have chosen are great and one day those young women and children will pay your generosity forward and inspire the next. Thank you for your great products, inspiring and spreading our culture and leading the way by example.

Greg N. August 06, 2019

This is wonderful! Awesome Choice….continue helping the community!

Robyn Eady August 06, 2019

Great investment into the lives of children and families!

Charlotte Green August 06, 2019

You will always experience success when you remember the less fortunate.
Peace and Blessings

Marcia August 06, 2019

Continue producing great merchandise and giving back. The best is yet to come

James Walker August 06, 2019

Addie, you have selected two great programs to support. Well done!

Ife Changa August 06, 2019

Hi Addie,
This is so wonderful!
You, your merchandise and your mission are truly quality in every way!

Jacqueline Steverson August 06, 2019

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