Heart of the City Radio | Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Video Featuring D'IYANU

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise radio show on WWDB 860AM radio featured on November 7th, 2018 at 1 pm EST

Addie Olutola, CEO of D’IYANU and Dara Ajayi, President of D’IYANU among others met with host Malik Boyd to discuss living in a healthy state of being: financially, physically, and culturally.

The show approaches issues within the African-American community in an engaging, pragmatic way. The show aims to reach deep in the community celebrating it’s heritage, success, and addressing challenges that it faces. 

This feature of the show focused on healthiness in multiple views – not just physical, financial, spiritual, etc., but health in a global perspective, for the community as a whole. There are so many things going on both within the community and in the country at large - elections took place yesterday – some expected results, some disappointments, some wins – government is in some sort of balance after 8 years of republican domination.

Reverend Chauncey Harrison from Zion Baptist Church, from Chicago speaks about all the great work being done in Chicago to improve the community at large.

Bernard Hamilton, who is a frequent guest on the show, provided some useful financial information every month.

Addie and Dara joined the show to shine light on D’IYANU, its mission, impact and legacy.

As Addie tells the audience, the mission behind D’IYANU is to help people embrace who they are with the clothing and connect to their African roots. It offers a more bold way of doing so or presents a way of fashion that people can express themselves more easily with ready-to-wear African inspired fashion in all aspects of their lives. The company also aims to have the ability to give back to the community, donate a portion of the revenue to help in whatever way possible.

Dara continues to say that the clothing offer a way to show who you are on the inside or to communicate pride in who you are and what you stand for.

“It allows us to authentically celebrate the skin inside the clothing.” With so many brands pushing people to be something they are not, D’IYANU aims to stay true to it’s mission. Black Panther movie, which was released in February of 2018 had a lot of influence on both the brand and the community as it showed the viewers what African culture really looks like. The brand had a huge surge at the time of the movie and it helped to shine a lot of light into the business and it's mission.

Addie also says that “people just want to feel connected to their roots, their heritage. To be happy and proud to be African, to be black.”

Dara and Addie offer a few suggestions for other business to optimize their sales funnel and to stay connected to their audience, including some email marketing techniques.

The legacy of D’IYANU is “to be a force of good and to leave goodness on Earth”.

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