Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Only Mother's Day Gift Guide You’ll Ever Need

With Mother’s Day around the corner, there’s one question on all of our minds:

What on earth do you buy the woman who gave you the gift of life?!

We’d (literally) be nothing without our moms, a fact that makes finding suitable Mother’s Day gifts to celebrate them an annual struggle! Don’t worry, though. We’ve got your back…

Check out our Mother’s Day gift guide for popular African print ideas that are sure to delight your mom this year.

  1. African Print Head Wrap

Nothing says “I love you” better than our colorful Ankara cotton print head wraps.

Doing double-duty as a scarf, these elegant items are an ideal accessory for any occasion! Part of the D’IYANU Spring Fashion range, your mom will be able to rock these wraps at work, church, or around the kitchen as she cooks up a storm.

With gold/white mudcloth, sky blue black flowers, and blue pink leaves prints to choose from, you’re sure to find one to match your mom’s unique style.

Oh, and if your mom wants some tips for mastering the tying technique?

Tell her our how-to video will help!

  1. Tiara Knit Head Wrap

Did somebody say Tiara?

Bold, vibrant, soft, and adaptable, our easy-tie Tiara Knit wrap’s a stand-out alternative to the African print wrap above.

We have several color options available, both of which are made from spandex and polyester. Whichever color you choose, your mom will love how soft it feels and how regal (yet understated) it looks.

An added bonus to the Tiara Knit head wrap is that it suits a variety of hairstyles.

So, whether your amazing mother’s showing off locs, braids, or anything else, she’ll always be able to enjoy it.

  1. Alikah Ankara Fabric Applique T-Shirt

Alikah means “most beautiful” in Nigerian and this applique t-shirt certainly lives up to the name.

African fashion with a modern twist, it’s the epitome of spring style!

The Ankara fabric at the yoke is comfortable against your skin, the fit looks sharp on any figure, and a bold gold/white Mudcloth pattern adds the finishing aesthetic touches.

A beautiful balance between smart and casual, your mom can wear this Mother’s Day Gift anywhere and always look her very best.

  1. Jemila African Fashion Mid-Rise Pants

Want to buy your mom some pants that are as colorful as her personality?

Look no further than D’IYANU’s Jemila African print pants.

These mid-rise pants are another fine example of a casual yet stylish garment that your mom’s sure to swoon over.

With Ankara fabric comfort, a ruffled waist, and straight-leg, these attractive pants work well in any outfit.

The eagle-eyed amongst you might also notice that these colors match the head wraps at the start of this list! Feel free to treat your mom by combining these color-coordinated gifts into one.

  1. Lupita Kente Print Woven Ruffle Dress

Make your momma feel sexy this spring with our Lupita fitted ruffle dress.  

Coming in an array of sizes to suit any shape, this stunning skin-tight dress will hug her in all the right places! Ruffled sleeves add casual flare and the tasteful knee-length design makes it suitable for any occasion.

Fans of Ghanaian fashion will love the pink blue Kente print version of the Lupita. But be sure to check out the beautiful gold blue motif version as well!

           6. Amani Maxi Wrap Dress

Words don’t do justice to this flowing Amani maxi wrap dress.

A timeless addition to any African woman’s wardrobe, your mom’s almost guaranteed to love it.

The epitome of elegance, our Amani dress manages to blend comfort, grace, and sex appeal. That’s a winning combination in our estimation!

Check out the gold blue African print for a bold, feminine spin on a classic design.

Does your mom prefer understated colors? Well, the Black Tan Tribal version of this maxi wrap dress could be a better Mother’s Day gift.

  1. Sare Blocked Crop Hoodie

You don’t have to sacrifice style to live an active lifestyle. Case and point?

Our Sare blocked crop hoodie.

They’re comfortable, relaxed, practical, and fashionable!

Gift the hoodie to your mom this Mother’s Day and she can wear it around the house, at the gym, or while jogging around the local park.

…Looking great as she goes.

Top tip: The matching joggers in our catalog help complete the outfit! Buying them both will make for a first-rate Mother’s Day gift.

  1. Amare Faux Leather Wallet

Is your mom’s wardrobe already bursting at the seams with African print clothing? Are you worried that she won’t want or need any extras this Mother’s Day?

Well, why not try some African fashion accessories instead?!

Our Amare faux leather wallet could be exactly what she’s hoping for.

With high-quality materials and a bi-fold closure, this women’s wallet boasts an air of luxury without the price tag you’d expect. It also comes in a sleek, modern box that adds pizazz to the aesthetic appeal (not to mention the unwrapping experience).

The best part? These wonderful wallets are half-price right now! That’s good news for anyone who’s buying Mother’s Day gifts on a budget this year.












Employ the Ideas on This Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Our amazing moms gave us life and have showered us with love ever since.

The very least we can do in return is let them know how much they matter on Mother’s Day!

As we all know, though, selecting a suitable Mother’s Day gift can be easier said than done. You can spend hours thinking, searching, and scouring the shelves, yet still come up short.

Know the struggle?

Well, with any luck, this Mother Day gift guide will make a difference this year.

Thoughtful, stylish, and practical, every last one of the African print ideas on this list is sure to go down a treat!

Still searching for the perfect present? Shop our New Arrivals!

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