Onna African Print Stretch Clothing Collection

We’re excited to introduce our innovative Onna African print stretch clothing collection. “Onna” or “On na” when properly pronounced in the Nigerian language Yoruba means “it stretches”. Created to solve a nagging problem, our Onna African print stretch fabric is the first of its kind in the African print fashion market!


As a Nigerian, I grew up with Ankara which is also known as wax cotton fabric. It’s the fabric used in most West African traditional clothing and in most D’IYANU garments. As most of us familiar with Ankara know, this material is made with 100% cotton and has little to no stretch. I remember the last time I was back in Nigeria, we had some clothes tailor-made for us. The garments were made according to our measurements and the pieces I got were fitted. Sadly those garments don’t fit me today. However if they had some stretch, they would still fit. We recognized that our customers were also facing these same fit issues with Ankara. As women, we love to wear clothes that fit our curves nicely and make us feel sexy. Women also come in different shapes and sizes making it hard to find ready-to-wear Ankara clothing that fits well. It’s even more of a challenge when ordering online.

In response to the fit issues with Ankara fabric, we set out to find the perfect fabric with the right stretch and thickness that would still retain the richness and vibrant colors of Ankara fabric. We found a fantastic knit fabric that met our criteria. We call that material Onna fabric which is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

Toyin Stretch African Print Peplum Pencil Skirt 


Flatters your figure 

Our Onna African print stretch fabric highlights your curves and flatters your figure. This collection caters to curvaceous women who want to feel comfortable in our statements pieces without worrying about the fit.

Meria African Print Midi Pencil Dress


All day comfort

Our Onna fabric is comfortable and soft making garments made with it wearable all day. Our collection includes African print skirts and dresses that are great for work, hanging out with friends, special occasions and church.


Tabia Stretch African Print Mermaid Pencil Skirt


Chic and stunning

Show stopping is an understatement to describe the Onna Collection. The collection gives women a chance to make memorable fashion statements while proudly representing their roots! The Onna Collection is a great way to stay chic and stunning in African prints.


Check out our stunning pieces from the Onna African print stretch clothing collection today!




Helo i like the fabric do you sell it?

Liz May 27, 2019

I am really interested in the fabric where can I get it?
I am based in Gaborone Botswana.

Lenny April 17, 2019

Hi, I’m a senior in high school and my prom is coming up and I would like to wear a dress that is african print. Do you guys have a place where I can buy my fabric? or even better do you custom make formal dresses?

Hidaya Davis February 04, 2019

Very Nice and Pretty African Attire

Lola E November 14, 2018

Hello here, is there any provision for one to buy and resell ?

Pearl Great Daniels August 30, 2018

Pretty clothing!

Willena Miller August 07, 2018

I’m interested in a long dress

Normadelle whittle May 07, 2018


Do you sell your fabrics as well for I will love to buy some .

Maria May 01, 2018

I am looking for a black and white designed dress; what do you have available?

DeCarla stewart April 15, 2018

Your pieces are beautiful! Do you sell the fabric as well as the pieces? I am interested in buying this stretch fabric.

Many thanks,


Noni April 11, 2018

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