Reduce, reuse, re-fashion!

At Diyanu, we understand the importance of minimizing our waste within the fashion industry. It’s why we take leftover prints and create remixed styles our customers will love. Diyanu promotes a more sustainable and resource-efficient approach to clothing production. (And we keep it fashionable. Our mid-summer collection is proof!)


Here are 3 ways you can build a more sustainable closet

  1. Donate or recycle your clothing—never throw them away.
  2. Add some thrifted pieces to your closet. Yes, we love Diyanu newness but mixing in preloved styles into your wardrobe is always a win-win.
  3. Shop from brands that value sustainable fashion and efforts—like Diyanu!



4 statement pieces from Diyanu’s sustainable Mid-Summer Collection


Sabella Women's African Print Stretch Dress (Cream Orange Kente)

Hamama Women's African Print Peplum Blouse (Raspberry Adire)

Ronke Women's African Print Maxi Dress (Green Pink Sunrise)


 Tahiya Women's African Print Button-Up Blouse (Red Gold Leaves)


Shop the Mid-Summer collection here


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