The Strength of Women's Suits

When a woman wears a suit, you know she means business. For ages, women have used suits to convey a feeling of empowerment and to let those around them know that they haven’t come to play games. Modern examples of powerful women who use suits to elevate their message are scattered all over the internet. Beyoncé, Ava Duvernay, and Michelle Obama have rocked suits on many occasions. Recently, Danielle Brooks (Tastee from Orange is the New Black) killed it in one of our suits. 

Dating back a few centuries, women began wearing suits. These women were pioneers in making this style mainstream for the modern woman. They dressed up in suits knowing that it would ruin their reputations and surround them in controversy.

In the 1910s when women were campaigning for equal rights, one of which was the right to vote, the Suffragette suit emerged as a go-to look for innovative women. This led to Coco Chanel designing her first suit in 1914. However, the suit was less known for being a stylish, essential piece and more as a women’s emancipation outfit.

That suit evolved to fashion brands branching out and creating a pantsuit for women. These brands – like us, recognized that women wanted to wear suits to feel powerful. Our Nubia Blazer and Safina Pants in the Turquoise Orange Swirls are a great suit for women that we hope empowers our customers as much as suits did for women in the 1900s.

The powerful feeling that comes with wearing a women’s suit stems from its beginnings as an outfit for the Women’s Suffrage Movement. The clothing is steeped in history that gives women the ability to feel influential and just as strong as a male counterpart. Our Nubia Blazer and Safina Pants in the Marroon Grey Chevron print gives women the confidence they need to stand tall and own any room they enter.

Our bold and vibrant prints add an extra layer of might with allowing women of color to stand out from the crowd. Wear a suit proudly knowing that it was once synonymous with the women who wanted equal rights. Take our Oana Blazer and matching Safina Pants in the Blue Pyramid print. The print empowers women to feel confident and self-assured.

Suits evoke a powerful feeling, whether it’s worn by a man or woman. Modern women know this and use it to let their clothes do the talking for them. When a woman walks into a room dressed in a powerful suit, she is sending a clear message to all around her – she’s the boss.



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