What D'IYANU Means to Us - Happy 7th Anniversary

Today is an exciting day for D’IYANU. It’s the seven-year anniversary of our brand. We at D’IYANU are proud to announce that the past year was our best performing year. For this year we have many exciting events and collections planned.

To celebrate our anniversary, we wanted to let you – our loyal customers, into our world to see what D’IYANU means to us. The word D’IYANU is special, the “D’” means “of” or “from“ in French, while “IYANU” means “miracle” or “wonderful” in the Nigerian language, Yoruba. The literal translation is “of or from [something] wonderful” reminding everyone that they’re uniquely and wonderfully made and to dress like it.

For the people that work tirelessly to produce the best African print clothing, the word means more than just its dictionary definition. For our anniversary, we wanted to share what D’IYANU means to us. Below, you’ll find quotes from various employees about how we feel about our company and where we are headed next.

"It's incredible to see how far D'IYANU has come since I launched it solo in my studio apartment in January of 2014. In six years, we've gone from a one woman show to a team of 17 people creating and promoting African inspired fashion that's shipped worldwide. The journey hasn't always been easy, but it has been worth it seeing the impact we've made with delighting our customers, hiring amazing employees and contributing to great charities. D'IYANU would not be what it is today without our wonderful customers and hard-working team. This anniversary is really to celebrate you! As I think about what the future holds for D'IYANU, I'm excited to see how much more impact we can make through our charitable contributions and growing the brand into a household name." - Addie (CEO)

"To me, D’IYANU means strength, beauty, knowledge of self, being comfortable with who you are, and expressing yourself through beautiful garments In the business of communicating cultural pride From an executive perspective, we’re looking to expand our product offering, and we want to do this by further understanding our customers. We hope in 5 years to serve 1 million customers on annual basis worldwide." - Dara (President)

"D’IYANU means connecting with people around the world with different backgrounds and bringing them together through fashion. In the next 5 years, I see us growing and expanding- adding locations across the world." - Kim (Customer Service) 

"D’IYANU offers the world unique clothes. We have a chance to inspire. It’s very inspiring to be here from the beginning to see the company grow and be a part of the growth. In the future, I have high hopes for us with the plans that we have and growth that we expect to see. We are becoming more innovative." - Lisa (Customer Service)

"D’IYANU means bringing together cultural inspiration and modern fashion to provide cool new products to customers. In the future, I see the company becoming more mainstream; branching out from the niche to grow as a business. I predict we will look back in 20 years in amazement of how far our brand has grown." - Pete (Operations Manager)

"D’IYANU is the melding of cultural pride with everyday fashion. I see us putting out more innovative products that other competitors don’t serve to our customers and reaching out to more global markets." - Jen (Production)

"D’IYANU is a unique brand that inspires everyday people to embrace the essence of our existence, by wearing symbolic African prints. Our company is constantly challenging ourselves to find innovative ways to improve and elevate our brand to the next level. What make D’IYANU so unique is that we’re not afraid to take chances and being courageous. Which I believe our merchandise strongly reflects. We have an excellent following and loyal customers. I see big things for D'IYANU." - Cherish (Production)

"D’IYANU is revolutionizing the way that we see African clothing and taking things to the next level. I will see us taking things to a global level and creating more job opportunities worldwide." - Shahedah (Design)

"D'IYANU means African pride/ African American pride, empowerment and being proud of your culture. We are setting the trend for this fashion; there’s not a lot of companies doing what we do. In five years, we’re going to be way bigger than we are now. D’IYANU will be a household name and very well known. At the moment, we are small but in the future, people will know of us. We will be seen in major cities and branching out worldwide." - Sunni (Design)

"To me, D’IYANU means bold and daring. We have great patterns and prints that empower our customers." - Tatiana (Order Processing)

Thank you to all our customers for supporting us, we greatly appreciate the role you’ve had in helping us grow. We will continue to produce the best African Print Fashion for years to come. We look forward to hearing from you as well and sharing what our company means to you.

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