D'IYANU Face Mask Program

We at D’IYANU are continuously concerned about how Covid-19 disproportionately affects communities of color. We want to help our community to reduce the spread of the virus by not only selling masks but donating medical masks to frontline employees and organizations. At this time we have donated 14,000 masks with YOUR help! For every mask purchased, we donate two medical masks.

Our popular Shaka masks feature 3 cotton layers with a nose clip to better secure the mask. The elastic bands that help hold it in place are designed for comfort so that users can wear them throughout the day. It features a pocket for our 2.5PM filters and with every mask, you receive a complementary filter. 

We have many different prints of our Shaka masks that match prints from popular items. For example, our green purple kente mask matches men's Reth hat and Gimiyu shorts.

As the temperature starts rising, you’ll want a mask that is less heavy and easier to breathe in.

Our latest Uzo masks are fashionable and reduce exposure to air pollutants. In comparison to our Shaka masks, the Uzo masks are 2 layered masks instead of three. One less layer makes a big difference when you’re sweating. The mask still keeps the popular features of our first mask like the nose clip and pocket for our filters.

The convenient pocket for filters was designed to make it easier for users to change out their filters and getting more use out of their masks instead of relying on one-time-use masks. Our filters can be used for seven days before needing to be switched out for a new one. For people who will be using their masks often, it’s smart to stock up on filters in preparation.

Another great feature of our masks is that we’ve used popular designs from our clothing as fabric for the masks. It’s a great way to represent your culture proudly by rocking one of our masks. We are a black-owned business here to bring representation to our community. The masks are a simple and easy way to get that message across.

Some of our new Uzo masks include colors that match perfectly with our summer items. The Uzo in the Yellow Purple Tribal also matches our very popular Firya dress and will match a crop top set from our upcoming Resort Collection.

In addition, we have an orange navy diamonds print for our Uzo masks that match perfectly with the men’s Alamini and Keyon shirts.

Check out our Uzo and Shaka masks here! Don’t forget that each mask comes with one complimentary filter and we sell additional filters as well. For every mask purchased, we will donate 2 masks!

Recently, we donated 2,500 masks to Project Home in Philadelphia. The organization is a non-profit, empowering individuals to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. We have also donated 4,500 masks to Mask for the People 5,000 masks to Sunday Breakfast Rescue MissionThese are only a few of many organizations that D’IYANU has provided donations too. 

For our next round of donations, we will be donating thousands of KN95 masks to hospitals chosen by our customers.  Let us know in the comment section or email us at info@diyanu with any recommendations for hospitals in need of donations!


Keep up the good work. It’s great that you are donating to front line workers. Hopefully you can find a way to make the mask a little longer from cheek to cheek and deeper under the chin that would be great. But I’m not complaining… they work and I appreciate the filter slot.

Steady Rockin' June 11, 2020

This is awesome what u are doing. I love my mask never leave home without it. I do get compliments on my mask. Again thank you for all that you do!!❤️

Sharon Howard June 10, 2020

The staff at Brookdale Hospital 1 Brookdale Plaza would be grateful to get the Afrocentric mask. They worked through the pandemic serving the hardest hit area in Brooklyn (Brownsville). They deserve to look and feel like the Queens and Kings they truly are.

Denise Gourdine June 09, 2020

I would like to see the distribution of your beautiful exotic masks to the hard working nursing staff at the Brooklyn Hospital @121 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn, NY

Andrew TAYLOR June 09, 2020

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