D'IYANU's Juneteenth Donation

Thank you for celebrating Juneteenth and the launch of our Resort Collection! We had a very successful day thanks to you. We are donating 19% of our total sales to two great organizations working to better the black community. 

We are donating $6,000 to The National Society of Black Engineers and an additional $6,000 to The Equal Justice Initiative. 

The money donated to the National Society of Black Engineers will go toward scholarships. These scholarships will ensure that black youth have access to good higher education and the tools needed to become successful engineers. 

Our donation for the Equal Justice Initiative will help support the lawyers and legal teams who are working tirelessly to end mass incarceration, excessive punishment in the United States, and to protect basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.

These organizations were chosen from the many suggestions we received from you either through social media or email. Thank you for doing your part in supporting us and these organizations. 

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