Black History Month Collection: Cultural Beauty

As we celebrate Black History Month, it is important to recognize the beauty and diversity of the African American culture and its solid roots in African heritage. African American culture is not a monolith. It is a melding pot with elements from across the African diaspora. From the music and dance to the cuisine, art, and literature, African culture has had a profound impact on the world and at D’IYANU. With our new Black History Month collection, we are inspired by these influences and the Cultural Beauty that is inherently present.  

 New Harvest His & Her Outfits

African inspired prints are an important part of our culture and are used to represent beauty, history, and royalty. These intricate patterns have been used for centuries to represent the importance of a person or occasion. Styles like our Amari Women's African Print Button-Up Top, and Chane Men's African Print Button-Up Shirt are inspired by traditional Mudcloth textiles. Mudcloth, which originated in Mali was historically worn by the hunters of the tribe, and not only seen as a symbol of status, but also as a work of art.  


Popular Adire prints stem from a traditional African textile design created by the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Styles like our Zendaya Women's African Print Maxi Dress and Chane Men's African Print Button-Up Shirt in the Jade Amber Adire print create a beautiful complementary ensemble for a special night out. The vibrant colors and geometric shapes also tell stories and transmit messages from one generation to the next. These pieces offer a source of inspiration and empowerment, allowing those who wear them to show their creativity and express their unique style. 


Inspired by the Kente cloth of Ghana, our Purple Navy Kente cloth pieces like Kimiya African Print Faux Wrap Skirt and Meka Henley shirt provide a beautiful update to traditional style. Representing culture goes beyond Black History Month and these styles are sure to carry you throughout the year! 


African fashion is an important form of cultural expression and can be used to celebrate, honor, and protect African cultures while also strengthening the African American culture birthed from it. We continue to be influenced by the designs, practices, strength, and rich histories that our ancestors have passed on to us and this will always be reflected in the products created here at D’IYANU. 


Be sure to check out the full line of our Black History Month Collection to find your favorite fashions for this upcoming season.  

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