Get Fit with the D'IYANU 7 Day Fitness Challenge

Here at D'IYANU, we want to see our tribe thrive in all areas of life, including health & well-being. That's why we're bringing you the D'IYANU Workout Challenge with fitness influencers, Tae and Harold. The challenge will run from January 16th - January 22nd.


In combination with this 7-day challenge there will also be a giveaway! We are offering a $100 gift card to two lucky winners. 

How to Win Enter Giveaway

  1. Do workout daily (7 days) 
  2. Share a post workout picture daily using #DIYANUCHALLENGE and tag us on either Instagram or Facebook Stories
  3. Send a direct message to @DIYANU on Instagram or Facebook saying which day has been completed 


Click the video to watch the 10 minute video for a full body workout you'll complete for 7 days. You can also see a breakdown of the workout below:

The workout format will be (4) 30-sec stretches to warm us up, (6) 50 sec workouts with 10 sec rest in between, and (4) 30 sec cool down moves. 


2 min Warm-up  

  • 30 sec stretch: Arm Swings 
  • 30 sec stretch: Hamstring sweeps 
  • 30 sec stretch: overhead stretch 15 on each side 
  • 30 sec stretch: Toe touch 

6 min Workout  

  • 50 Seconds Workout: Mountain Climbers 
  • 10 SEC REST 
  • 50 Seconds Workout: Crunches  
  • 10 SEC REST 
  • 50 Seconds Workout: Squats  
  • 10 SEC REST 
  • 50 Seconds Workout: Superman 
  • 10 SEC REST 
  • 50 Seconds Workout: High knees 
  • 10 SEC REST 
  • 50 Seconds Workout: Plank 
  • 10 SEC REST 

2min Cool down  

  • 30 sec Cardio: Hamstring stretch (15 Sec on both sides) 
  • 30 sec Cardio: Downward dog 
  • 30 sec stretch: Cat cow stretch 
  • 30 sec stretch: Childs pose  

We look forward to seeing all your growth, dedication, and progress during challenge week! Keep up the hard work and commitment to your fitness journey.


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