Black Women in Business

Black women are awesome. We have come so far in just the past decade with representation in society and in building businesses. Future generations of black people will look back at this time, knowing that it was the beginning of an era. Black women-owned businesses are especially important to us as D’IYANU’s CEO and Founder is a strong black woman. We would like to highlight some black women business owners who are doing a great job running successful businesses.

We’re a big fan of makeup and how it can bring an outfit together. One of the fastest-growing cosmetic lines operated by a black woman is The Crayon Case. The Crayon Case is known for its bright colors and creative packaging. The makeup is a big hit amongst amateur makeup users who desire to recreate fashionable looks. The owner, Raynell Steward has created a brand with a very loyal fan base. For Cyber Monday in 2019, she grossed 1.3 million in one hour.

What black woman hasn’t wished for a beanie or turban that can protect hair instead of leaving us with a mess on our heads? Grace Eleyae created the solution for us with an incredible line of headpieces that are lined with satin. This means that black women now have a stylish piece to wear on their heads that will protect our hair instead of messing it up. She filled a need that the community wanted filling and her business is doing well.

One of the fastest-growing tax companies in America is owned and operated by Dana Chanel and her husband. Their company, called Jumping Jack Taxes, is a family business and wants to create generational wealth within the community. Their goal is to keep money in the hands of black people and help folks gain financial literacy.

Lastly, we ourselves are owned and operated by Addie Elabor. This company was started by her and has grown into an amazing business. She took her background and created a trendy fashion line for those who also want to rep their heritage.

Check out more about the inspiration behind D'IYANU, as well as the founders, Addie and Dara!
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