D’IYANU 4th Quarter Charity Donation

As the holiday season is upon us and the year draws to an end, we take time to reflect on what’s most important to us—love, family, health, and meaningful impactThose are the same values that drive our quarterly initiative to donate $4,000 to organizations making a difference in our various communities. This last quarter of the year, we’ve selected two amazing organizations recommended by our customersAmref Health Africa and Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington (BGCGW) 

Amref Health Africa

Amref Health Africa

Amref Health Africa is a fantastic charity recommended by Jasmine Clarisme, one of our outstanding customers who works for the organization. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, Amref Health Africa is the largest Africa-based healthcare nonprofit, serving an average of nine million people per year across 35 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. They strengthen health care systems and train African health workers to respond to the continent’s most critical health challenges: maternal and child health, infectious and noncommunicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, cancer, heart disease, etc.), access to clean water and sanitation, and surgical and clinical outreach. Their approach is community-based and making the people they reach partners -- rather than beneficiaries. Over 97% of their global staff are Africans, so that they are always tackling African challenges with African expertise. 

Learn More By Visiting Amref Health Africa Here

"Amref Health Africa earns its respect through being Africa born and Africa based – our staff work hand in hand with their communities to better their quality of life, as they strive together to build a bright future for the continent."

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington (BGCGW)


The second charity is the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington (BGCGW) which was recommended by our remarkable customer, Tanneka Jones. This great organization has 15 sites that serve as a safe haven for the over 1,500 youths who attend daily for various programs that keep them from being home alone or on the streets. BGCGW’s goal is to help every member achieve outcomes of Academic Success, Good Character and Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles. The centers offer educational programs in STEM, finance, and career guidance along with fun activities such as their sport leagues. 

Learn More By Visiting Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington Here

"We serve the region’s kids and teens through our Formula for Impact, an adopted strategy created by our National Headquarters and serves as a roadmap for Clubs to help ensure that members achieve our priority outcomes of Academic Success, Good Character and Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles."

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