Give Back With D’IYANU For Juneteenth

July 4th is the Independence Day traditionally celebrated in America. But at D’IYANU, we also commemorate Juneteenth (June 19th) as Independence Day because it is the day the last slaves were released, 89 years after America was freed from British rule. 

Last month, we released our special Juneteenth t-shirts for the entire family showcasing the power fist symbol to help you show your cultural pride during Juneteenth and beyond. To celebrate and honor how far we’ve come, on June 19th, when you buy anything on, we'll give 19% of all proceeds to local charities, including the Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia. Our contributions are given to organizations with a proven record of supporting growth and economic development in the African American community.  

D'IYANU Family

Thank you for being a part of the D'IYANU family and for contributing to our charitable efforts! Our blog, Everything You Need to Know About Juneteenth, has more information on the history of Juneteenth. 

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