Honoring All the Fathers: 5 Gift Ideas for Every Dad

Sunday, June 19,2022. Father’s Day, a day we all know and most celebrate. A day that we get to honor the fathers and father figures in our lives. What better way to show him that you care than by giving him something thoughtful and intentional. From a handmade card to a nice tie to workout gear to clothes, he’ll love it all. We want to make sure that Dad gets the goods so we created a list of 5 Gift Ideas that will cover all the bases.  

Getaway House

For the adventurous dad whose idea of a good time is to explore things outdoors, give a weekend camping trip a go. Spending time in nature, potentially catching and cooking your dinner, and having fireside chats allows for an amazing opportunity to bond and make lasting memories with your dad. If camping in the great outdoors is not yours (or his thing), give one of the popular Getaway houses a go, so long as you don’t mind a small space and sharing sleeping quarters. These houses provide the idea of camping but without any of the work.  

Father and Son basketball

Lots of dads are into sports, right? Of course! You can’t go wrong with engaging in some conversation around baseball, basketball, football, golf, or even hockey with pop. Instead of simply watching his favorite sport, take him to a game! No matter the seat location, he will love the thoughtfulness. Can’t make it to a game? Not a problem. Try taking him to a field, court or place where his favorite game can be played and play with him. Engaging in quality time is so important.  

Father's Day Gift Ideas

So many dads want to be the ‘cool dad’ and always stay up to date with everything going on with the ‘youngsters’, including their style. Well, if this is speaking to your dad, then we have something for you. Our Keyon African Print Button Up in Sky Blue Mudcloth paired with our Debare Men’s African Print Shorts also in Sky Blue Mudcloth will certainly have him fitting in yet standing out. If he wants to go with more of a solid look, we recommend pairing our Lubanzi Men’s Embroidered African Tunic in White and the Adil Men’s Traditional Dress Pants with Drawstring also in White. With either style, he will certainly be feeling himself.  

Father's Day gift ideas - art museum

The artsy and creative father would love to be immersed in all things eccentric. In most cities, there are art galleries and museums that are open on the weekends and offer brilliant selections of works. May we suggest planning your own personal art walk where a selection of galleries or museums are highlighted and you all go explore them. If planning isn’t your thing, opt for one major museum and go see the major exhibition they have on display at the moment. Not only will you get to soak in wonderful pieces but you’ll be able to engage in great dialogue with one another after.  

Cooking for Dad

And last but certainly not least, we have the dad who is the lover of all things food. We’re talking the ‘barbecuing every Sunday in the summer’ or the ‘heading to the finest restaurant in the city’ kind of dad. If you haven’t already considered this - make reservations at a restaurant that he has never been to which serves his favorite cuisine. If he is the type that prefers to cook himself, either plan a cookout in his honor or ask to make his favorite meal for him.   

Whether your father is into sports, adventure, food, style or art, or anything in between, this guide can help you navigate. Be sure to always have dad looking dapper in some of the finest African Print clothes available anywhere. Head to our site to explore more looks and styles to compliment any occasion. To make it even easier, we created a Father’s Day Gift Guide to help you find the best gifts for day. Happy Father’s Day to all!  


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